Baca Metal Works is excited to be relocated in Central Oregon, doing business in the community that I grew up in. However, we will continue strong working relations with businesses and clients all around the Pacific Northwest.  
Sincerely, Daniel Baca


This is a fire feature that was displayed at the Portland Convention Center. It has a 4x8 piece of stainless steel with a double curve for the backer. The stainless reflects the heat and light extremely well. The burner is supplied via natural gas or propane. Baca Metal Works specializes in the construction of unique fire features. Ranging from the complex feature shown here, to simple rings for your outdoor environment.

I would personally like to thank Levi Lundy for the wonderful photographs taken of these projects.

Levi also captured a great picture (shown on the left) of me working late into the night on one of the side rails; no edits were made to the photo even though Levi is very skilled at editing.

If you need any photography, Levi covers a broad spectrum of types and styles of pictures he takes. Please take a look at his company’s website to see some of his work. www.lundyimages.com



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