I have an extensive and varied background in artistic metalworking that began over 15 years ago with college courses taken. My education then continued through industrial jobs held, and is now moving into my own more creative realm as a metalworking artist.

I have a strong foundation in basic and advanced welding skills. Some of these include, GMAW, SMAW, FCAW, oxyacetylene cutting, plasma arc cutting and other related processes. As far as industrial work goes, examples include but are not limited to: fabrication of multi-million dollar recycling equipment, luxury motor coaches, hand railing, trailers, engine-lifting equipment, gates, fences, and hotrods.  Some of these projects required the use of industrial moving equipment.

For my own projects I strive to show the complexity of the elements in the metal itself by manipulating it via heat or grinding to bring about different colors, patterns, and themes. Nature, in its stark beauty and design, and other mediums such as photography, painting and music provide a vast flow of ideas. It is a combination of all these things that helps me continue my quest to fulfill my passion for expressing my own unique and inspired thoughts into tangible works to be enjoyed by others. 



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